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For Christmas

  • St. Nicholas rod
    Code: 16905

    St. Nicholas rod, 163 cm.

    sale_price 1490
    Happy New Year wreath
    Code: 7233

    Happy New Year wreath, 15 X 170 cm.  

    sale_price 390
    Photo Booth for Christmas
    Code: 54172

    Photo Booth for Christmas.

    sale_price 390
    Santa Claus hat
    Code: 41108

    Santa Claus hat.

    sale_price 690
    Santa Claus hat
    Code: 41101

    Santa Claus hat.

    sale_price 690
    Santa Hat
    Code: EKW121254

    Snowflake Santa Hat, 30x40 cm. 

    sale_price 149
    Santa Clause hat
    Code: 90070

    Santa Clause hat.

    sale_price 490
    Santa Claus hat
    Code: 41562

    Santa Claus hat for children.

    sale_price 099
    Santa Hat
    Code: 90073

    Snowflake Santa Hat. 

    sale_price 290
    Santa Hat
    Code: 90061

    Santa Hat, long.

    sale_price 490
    Santa hat
    Code: 42279

    Santa hat.

    sale_price 249
    Headbopper Gingerbread
    Code: 398902-55

    Headbopper Gingerbread.

    sale_price 349
    Headbopper Snowman
    Code: 397672-55

    Headbopper Snowman.

    sale_price 349
    Magic owl
    Code: 76001

    Jumpsuit with a hood. 

    sale_price 2890
    Pink Rabbit
    Code: 76025

    Dress and hat. 

    sale_price 1990
    Child ice princess
    Code: 83388

    Hairband and dress. 

    sale_price 2490
    Princess dress
    Code: 88522

    Princess dress, white.  

    sale_price 3590
    Santa Claus children
    Code: 44027

    Dress, belt and hat.

    sale_price 3490
    Costume Christmas Tree Dress
    Code: 848962-55

    Hooded dress, Belt.

    sale_price 3990
    5490 You save 15 
    Elf Wig
    Code: 42934

    Elf Wig, Green.

    sale_price 890
    1629 You save 739
    Afro wig, white
    Code: 30520.01

    Afro wig, white.

    sale_price 1490
    Santa claus set
    Code: 11968

    Santa claus set: beard, moustache and eyebrows.

    sale_price 690
    Beard and moustache
    Code: 11573

    Beard and moustache.

    sale_price 690
    Santa claus set
    Code: 32584.00

    Santa claus set (hat with hair, beard).

    sale_price 1390
    Santa Claus Set
    Code: 30199.01

    Santa Claus Set, (wig, beard)

    sale_price 2490
    White beard
    Code: 30204.01

    White beard

    sale_price 750
    Santa Pants
    Code: BU30

    Santa's pants, red.

    sale_price 2990
    Green pants
    Code: KELNES-Z01

    Green pants.

    sale_price 1190
    Grey skirt
    Code: SIJONAS-P01

    Grey skirt, 33cm.

    sale_price 990
    Wizard Cloak
    Code: 990504

    Сloak and hat.

    sale_price 2590
    Snowflake Head Boppers
    Code: 24790

    Snowflake Head Boppers, White

    sale_price 261
    Snowflake costume
    Code: EKW188014

    Snowflake costume.

    sale_price 2190