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White Contact Lenses

  • White Contact Lenses

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    White Contact Lenses. To be used for 1 day. 2 pcs in the package.

  • Lenses for one-time use. Contents of one pack: 2 pieces daily lenses and detailed instructions for use with all important information with instructions and explanation on how to insert the lenses.

    Product features:
    Diameter / DIA value: 14.00 mm
    Water content: 42 p
    Power / Diopter: 0.00
    Duration of use: 1 day

    Warning: it is recommended to consult an eye doctor before wearing coloured contact lenses. The layer of dye in coloured lenses, which often covers part of the pupil, can cause shadows to be visible when wearing them. Don't worry, this is completely normal and the problem will disappear as your eyes adjust. If the eye still does not get used to it, it is recommended to stop wearing colored lenses. Don't forget that wearing lenses for longer than prescribed increases the risk of eye infections.

    !The product is not delivered to Germany and cannot be ordered with delivery to Germany.

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