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Carnival Accessories

  • Black/Silver/Gold Eyelashes
    Code: 000601

    Eyelashes, black/silver/gold. Cosmetic glue included. 

    sale_price 590 
    Aqua Makeup Set "Fox"
    Code: 205174

    4-colour make-up set: orange, white, black and light brown.  

    sale_price 690 
    Eyelashes, Black-White
    Code: 000823

    Eyelashes, black-white. Cosmetic glue included. 

    sale_price 590 
    Glitter Stones, Onyx, 3mm
    Code: 990483

    Glitter stones, onyx. 

    sale_price 299 
    Aqua Makeup Set, 13 colors
    Code: 212066

    Professional, make-up set, 13 colors.

    sale_price 2790 
    Indian Headband with Feathers
    Code: 01985

    Indian headband with feathers. 

    sale_price 290 
    Retro Hat
    Code: 09566

    Elegant retro style accessory.

    sale_price 590 
    Unicorn Wig and Headband
    Code: 46935

    Colorful wig with unicorn bow.  

    sale_price 1890 
    Sequin Unicorn Hair Extension
    Code: 03006

    Hair pin with unicorn and hair extension. 

    sale_price 390 
    Unicorn Wig and Headband
    Code: 46942

    Electric wig with flower headband. 

    sale_price 1890 
    Self-Adhesive Silvery Nails
    Code: 05371

    Set of 12 self-adhesive nails. 

    sale_price 290 
    Self-Adhesive Neon Pink Nails
    Code: 05344

    Set of 12 self-adhesive nails. 

    sale_price 290 
    Space Alien Glasses
    Code: 68596

    Space alien glasses with holographic lenses.

    sale_price 490 
    Funny Glasses
    Code: 11966

    Glasses with nose, moustache and eyebrows. 

    sale_price 590 
    Revolver Metal
    Code: 50356

    Metal revolver 8 schots. 

    sale_price 990 
    Metal Walking Cane with Ball
    Code: 74783

    Metal walking cane with silver ball. Note: walking cane is only available in stores in Kaunas and Vilnius. 

    sale_price 2990 
    Super Mario Set
    Code: 51285

    Gloves, cap, mustache.

    sale_price 990 
    Jewelry set "Bones"
    Code: 60156

    Necklace on the neck and on the arm.

    sale_price 590 
    LED Candlestick "Halloween"
    Code: 94120

    Candlestick "Halloween" with 3 LED candles. 

    sale_price 1290 
    Walking Hand with Sound
    Code: 94311

    Walking hand with sound and movement. 

    sale_price 2690 
    Cup "Skulls"
    Code: 94113

    Exclusive cup with skulls.  

    sale_price 1290 
    Disco Ball
    Code: 66117

    Decoration for disco party. 

    sale_price 1790 
    Engine for Mirror Ball
    Code: 66198

    Engine for mirror ball 20 to 40 cm eletric. 

    sale_price 1390 
    Spiderman Eye Mask
    Code: 61455

    Spiderman eye mask for kids. 

    sale_price 1090 
    Spiderman Mask
    Code: 901332

    Spiderman mask for kids. 

    sale_price 1090 
    Magic Ball
    Code: 74946

    Magic ball with light and sound. 

    sale_price 1690 
    Gold Bar Decoration
    Code: 51294

    Gold bar decoration, 16,5 cm.  

    sale_price 690 
    Backdrop panel, silver
    Code: 87191

    Backdrop panel 30 x 30 cm, silver sequins.

    sale_price 290 
    Disco Ball Earrings
    Code: 03526

    Disco ball earrings. 

    sale_price 290 
    Silver Sequin Headband
    Code: 00300

    Silver sequin headband. 

    sale_price 190 
    Gold Sequin Headband
    Code: 00306

    Gold sequin headband. 

    sale_price 190 
    Flowers Headband
    Code: 75705

    Flowers headband.

    sale_price 290