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  • Product Delivery and Fees
    • After receiving your payment for purchased goods, we start collecting the order and prepare to dispatch it right away, also providing You the information about delivery dates.
    • Please do not forget to indicate Your e-mail address, otherwise we will not be able to send You the relevant information about the order.

    International Delivery
    Delivery methods and fees for every country are available at Your shopping cart, which You see when filling in the delivery information and choosing a country.
    We send our products   via Venipak to all EU countries -19 Eur, via Lithuanian post - 9 Eur,. Via Venipak to Latvia and Estonia - 8Eur,  Via Lithuanian post -Latvia. Estonia- 6 Eur .etc.

    Delivery Methods Countrywide (Lithuania)
    1. Next Morning Order Delivery / Same Day Order Delivery. Next morning order delivery / Same day order delivery to 34 biggest Lithuanian cities. Delivery fee is 4,49 Eur. Your order is delivered to a bus station‘s parcel post. The customer must pick up the parcel himself/herself. This service is available on workdays to all orders accomplished until 16:00 o‘clock (Note: not available on Sundays. On Saturdays until 14h. o’clock). The city list is available on: Please check whether Your city is on the list! Same day delivery depends on Your order accomplishing and payment time. Note, that it is not possible to deliver an order to other cities the same day. In such cases the order would be delivered next morning. After having dispatched an order we always inform our customers about the time when the order is going to be delivered to the bus station‘s parcel post office.
    2. Express Delivery via VENIPAK. Delivery fee is 3,99 Eur. The products are delivered in 1– 2 workdays (Note: the courier does not make orders on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays). The order is delivered to the address You have indicated. This service is available for all orders accomplished until 15:00 o‘clock workdays.
    3. Post Office Delivery. Delivery fee is 4.49 Eur. The products are delivered in 2– 3 workdays. Products are delivered to the nearest post office to the customer‘s given address. The order must be picked up by the customer himself/herself from the post office department. Note: we only send registered preferential parcels.
    4. Order Pickup at "Burtė" Shop. The fee is 0Eur. We inform the customers when the order is prepared to be taken, therefore You are able to pickup the products from our shop whenever convenient. Our address is Savanorių pr. 235, Kaunas.
    5. Express delivery is for FREE if the order is 70 Eur or more. The products are delivered in 1– 2 workdays (Note: the courier does not export orders on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays). The courier delivers the order to Your given address. This service is only available countrywide.(Lithuania)
    6. Omniva parcel terminal Delivery. Delivery fee is 2,69 Eur. Free for orders more than 60 Eur. (Latvia, Estonia -4,49 eur - over 100 eur free).  The products are delivered in 1–2 workdays. If products will not fit to biggest terminal section, your order will be shipped with courier. If you order big size items, system will not show Omniva delivery for you to choose. Attention: Omniva tries to ensure that all parcels reach the recipients on time, but due to the currently (during quarantine) extremely increased parcel traffic, delivery may be delayed from 1 to 2 business days.