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  • Online Purchasing and Trading Policy

    After receiving your payment for purchased goods, we start collecting the order and prepare to dispatch it right away, also providing you the information about delivery dates.
    Please do not forget to indicate your email address, otherwise we will not be able to inform you about important details concerning your order and confirming it, appointing delivery dates and other information concerning the purchase might unfortunately get missed.
    1. General Regulations

    1.1. This online purchasing and trading Policy (hereafter – Policy) is a legal document compulsory for both parties. This Policy determines the rights, obligations and responsibilities of both the customer and the seller. It also introduces shopping online order and safety – means.
    1.2. The seller has a right to change, amend or renew this Policy or trading methods any time, regarding requisitions determined by juridical regulations. Customers are informed about any changes in this online – shop‘s website. During the customer‘s online shopping, the Policy applied is the one valid at the time of order delivery.
    1.3. Persons within the right to purchase products on this online shop:
    1.3.1. Capable natural persons, i. e. major persons, whose legal capacity is not restricted by law.
    1.3.2. Minor persons from 14 to 18 years – only having parental or caregiver‘s accession, except cases, when minor persons have independent financial disposition.
    1.3.3. Legal entities;
    1.3.4. Attorneys of all the above mentioned persons.
    1.4. The seller, if validating regulations, also guarantees that the customer remains the right to purchase goods in this online shop (with reference to this Policy, clause 1.3 ).
    1.5. The treaty between the seller and the customer is considered negotiated since the moment when the customer composes his/her shopping cart online, and, having indicated the delivery address, having chosen a payment method and being familiar to the Policy, confirms the order. (q. v. clause 5, „Ordering, prices, payment methods and terms“).
    1.6. Every treaty between the seller and the customer is preserved by the online shop.
    2. Administrating and protection of personal data. (The identification code of Corp. "Burtė" data administrator is P5140.)

    2.1. The customers are able to order items from this online shop:
    2.1.1. by registering on this shopping - online website, i. e. entering the data required;
    2.1.2. by not registering on this shopping - online website.
    2.2. While making an order the customer must indicate certain personal data, needed for proper product delivery. The data should be provided in appropriate entries. The data is: customer‘s name, surname, delivery address, telephone number and email address.
    2.3. By confirming this policy the customer accepts, that the data provided in clause:
    2.2. can be conducted for commercial and online service purposes.
    2.4 The seller owns the right to collect and process customer‘s data and, if necessary, reveal it to outsiders, if it is essential for order accomplishing or data conducting. Having familiarized with the Policy and confirmed an order the customer also confirms the proposition „by confirming an order you also approve compliance with the Policy“. Customer‘s personal data can be used for transmission purposes or other online retailing activity only with the person‘s special agreement.
    2.5. On agreement to the fact that customer‘s personal data can be conducted for online commercial and service purposes, the customer also agrees that informative messages related to product ordering would be sent to one‘s email address or telephone number.
    2.6. The customer, while buying products online, undertakes the responsibility not to reveal one‘s personal connection data.
    2.7 The customer approves, that he/she had an opportunity to become familiar to the administration conditions of one‘s personal data. The customer owns these rights:
    2.7.1. To become acquainted with one‘s data and be able to control it.
    2. 7. 2. Not to agree that one‘s personal data would be used for direct marketing purposes.
    2. 7. 3. To forbid collecting and processing one‘s personal data any time, except cases, when it is necessary for Purchasing – Trading contract realization or order accomplishing.
    2.7.4. The customer owns a right to object against his/her personal data being used for marketing purposes. This and further demands for correcting, erasing personal data or suspending it‘s processing actions the customer may put in writing, by sending a notice to (the e-mail address must coincide with the one given to the online shop) or arriving at the seller‘s (the address is given on the company‘s web page) with one‘s identification in hand.
    2.8 The online shop‘s customer‘s data is protected from loss, inadmissible usage or replacement. Data mediums are comprehensively protected from ousider‘s accessibility. The manager of this website‘s data is „Burtė“ company, code 302496950, address Tvirtovės al. 86-2, Kaunas, telephone number 8-652-88117.
    2.9. We observe the website‘s attendance with the help of statistical programmes and analyse the information received. Impersonal statistical information is obtained automatically when visiting our website. This information is being used only for online shop‘s operation.
    2.10 In our website we can use certain cookies, which are transmitted to the visitor’s browser on the first visit and saved in the computer’s hard disc for 30 days or less. Also these means are used for a proper functioning of the online shop (for a proper order formation, order accomplishment, visitor’s identification and accessibility to the website’s information. The visitor may change one’s browser’s settings for the cookies not to be receivable.

    3. The Customer‘s Rights and Commitments

    3.1. The customer owns a right to buy products online under the regulations of this Policy and farther regulations provided.
    3.2. The customer has a right to refuse purchasing goods online and undo the treaty with the seller by informing the seller in written form (e-mailing, by identifying the returnable product and it‘s order number) not later than in 14 work days since the product delivery, except cases when it is not possible according to LR law (for example, if the treaty is contracted under purchase of hygiene products or bedding products; q.v. „Consumer Centre“ information on website, column „Peculiarities of not nutritional product returning or replacing“, clause 18).
    3.3. The customer may use the right provided in the clause 3.2. of this Policy only if the product has not been damaged or it‘s exterior has not been changed, if it has not been used.
    3.4 The customer commits acceptance of ordered products and pays the seller an appointed price.
    3.5.If the data given in the customer‘s registration form changes, the customer must update it immediately.
    3.6. The customer obliges not to reveal one‘s personal connection data to outsiders. If the customer looses one‘s personal connection data, he/she must immediately inform the seller about the loss.
    3.7. The customer, using this online shop, agrees with this Purchasing and Trading Policy and obliges to follow it, as well as to follow and not to flout LR laws.
    4. The Seller‘s Rights and Obligations

    4.1. The seller obliges to make all the conditions for the customer to be able to use the online shop conveniently and properly.
    4.2. If the customer attempts to make any harm to the online shop‘s security or violates one‘s obligations, the seller owns a right to restrict or suspend the customer from using the online shop immediately and without warning.
    4.3. The seller obliges to respect the customer‘s right to privacy and personal information, indicated in the online shop‘s registration form.
    4.4. The seller obliges to deliver the ordered products to the customer‘s given address.
    5. Ordering, prices, payment methods and terms

    5.1. The customer may buy goods online twenty - four hours, seven days a week.
    5.2. The treaty becomes valid since the order confirming moment. Having received the order, the customer informs the seller by writing an e- mail to the provided address.
    5.3. The prices of products in the online shop and the order are indicated in Lithuanian currency Eur, VAT counted- in.
    5.4. Possible payment methods are given in the column „Help/ Payment Methods and Delivery“.
    The customer may account choosing one of the given methods:
    5.4.1. A bank transfer method – a payment in advance when a customer, having printed out the order, delivers the transfer using an online banking system ( check 5.4.2) or simply going to the nearest bank branch. The transfer must be made to the online shop‘s bank account.
    5.4.2. A bank transfer method using an online banking system – a payment in advance, using the customer‘s online banking system. The customer, willing to perform this type of payment, must have an online banking system account and be under contract with one of the following banks: Corp.SEB bank, Corp. „Swedbank“, „DNB Nord“, „Citadele“, „Danske“ or „Nordea“. The transfer must be delivered to the online shop‘s bank account. In this case, the responsibility of data safety goes to the bank, because all the financial operations proceed in the online banking system.
    5.4.3. Online payment
    – having chosen this payment method, the customer will be directed to Paysera (mokė banking system. This system allows to accomplish a payment by such means: using online banking systems of Corp. bank SEB, Corp. "Swedbank", Corp. "DNB", Corp. bank Citadele, Corp. bank Danske, Corp. bank Nordea, Corp. bank Šiaulių.
    - paying cash in Maxima LT cash desks, at „Lietuvos spauda“ and „RKiosk“ stands (if chosen this method, one must print out an indicated payment bill).
    - If chosen payment method 5.4.3, that is online payment, the responsibility of data safety goes to Paysera ( . This system is being administrated by „EVP International“ Corp. Mėnulio g.7, LT-04326 Vilnius, Lithuania.
    - 5.5. The customer obliges to pay for one‘s order immediately. After the payment, the order is prepared and dispatched, the delivery period is started to calculate. If the customer does not pay one‘s order in two days time, the seller has a right to withdraw it.

    6. Order Delivery

    6.1. The customer, having chosen a delivery method, obliges to identify a precise location for it.
    6.2. The customer obliges to receive the order himself/herself. In case the customer is unable to do this and the order is delivered to the address provided, the customer must not lay claim to the seller.
    6.3. The order is delivered by the seller, the seller‘s representative (courier) or it can also be delivered to a post office, nearest to the customer‘s given address.
    6.4. The seller delivers the order, following terms given in the product‘s description. These terms are preliminary, also not applied in cases when the seller does not stock the wanted products. In these cases the customer is informed about the shortage. In addition, the customer accepts that in exceptional cases the order may be late because of unexpected circumstances. In this instance, the seller obliges to contact the customer immediately and arrange an otherwise order if needed.
    6.5. In all cases the seller is indemnified from proper on – time delivery responsibility, if the order is undelivered or late because of the customer‘s fault or unexpected circumstances.
    6.6. The customer must immediately inform the seller about the order having arrived damaged or in a broken package, also if the parcel contains undesirable goods or the quantity is not proper.
    6.7. Having noticed a package damage, the customer must in all cases remark the damage by writing in the courier‘s or post officer‘s delivery order. Also he/she can write a separate act on this matter. The remarks must be produced in the courier‘s or post officer‘s presence. If these actions are not performed, the seller is indemnified from responsibility for the damaged products, that had not been remarked in the delivery order.

    7. Product Quality and Assurance.
    7.1. Information about every online shop item is provided in it‘s description column.
    7.2. The seller is indemnified from responsibility of an online shop‘s item being of different colour, size or form from the actual colour, size or form if it is determined by the customer‘s visual display units.
    7.3. The seller ensures a quality guarantee for certain products. The guarentee‘s terms and other conditions are provided in the description column.
    7.4. If the seller does not provide a quality guarantee for certain items, there still obtains a guarantee provided by legal certificates.
    8. Product Return and Replacement Policy

    8.1. Product drawback elimination and return of poor quality products is done due to LR economy minister‘s requisition on June 29, 2001, Nr. 217, „Product Return and Replacement Policy“, except cases, when the treaty is impossible to withdraw under LR laws (when the treaty is contracted under purchase of hygiene products, bedding products; q.v. „Consumer Centre“ information on website, column „Peculiarities of not nutritional product returning or replacing“, clause 18). In all cases the money for returned items is transferred to the payer‘s bank account.

    8.2. Willing to return an item following the Policy‘s clause 8.1., the customer must perform it in 14 work days period since the order delivery. Also the customer must inform the seller about the return by using one of the provided contacts. The customer must indicate the title of the returned item, order number and reasons for returning.
    8.3. If willing to return goods, it is necessary to follow these conditions:
    8.3.1. the returned product must be in the original and ordered package;
    8.3.2. the product must not be damaged by the customer;
    8.3.3.the product must not be used, must retain it‘s marketable semblance (labels not damaged, protective wraps not detached, etc.). This clause is invalid if the product is of bad quality itself;
    8.3.4. the returnable product must be of the exact set, that was delivered by the seller;
    8.3.5. If returning a product, one must produce it‘s acquisition bill;
    8.4. The seller owns a right not to accept the returned goods if the customer does not follow the conditions provided in clause 8.3.;
    8.5. If the delivered items are of bad quality or unlike to what had been ordered, the seller obliges to accept the items and interchange them into suitable analogical ones.
    8.6. In case when the seller does not stock items for a proper interchange, the customer receives the money spent, except for order delivery fees.
    8.7. Returning a good- quality item or withdrawing an order after it has been paid (but not dispatched yet), the seller owns a right to deduct incurred expenses from the reversion money. These incurred expenses might be: dues of banking or mokė system or packing expenses. Dispatch money is also not returnable.
    9. Seller‘s and Customer‘s Amenability

    9.1. The seller is fully responsible for the legitimate customer‘s personal data. If the customer does not present one‘s accurate personal data in the registration form, the seller becomes irresponsible for the outcome and gains a right to demand a remuneration for experienced proximate losses.
    9.2. The customer takes responsibility for actions performed while using this online shop.
    9.3. After having registered online, the customer becomes responsible for the disposition of one‘s connection data. If the online shop‘s service is intercepted by an outsider and operated using the actual customer‘s personal data, the seller considers the person to be the actual customer.
    9.4. The seller is indemnified from the responsibility in cases when damage is being done because of the customer being ignorant to the seller‘s recommendations and customer‘s obligations or not being acquaintant to this Policy, although there is a possibility to be acquaintant.
    9.5. If the online shop‘s web page contains references to other companie‘s, organization‘s, institution‘s or person‘s web pages, the seller is not responsible for the content of those web pages or their activity. The seller does not supervise or control those web pages and is not a representative of those companies/ persons.
    9.6. In any case of damage, the guilty party compensates the damage to the aggrieved party.
    10. Marketing and Information.

    10.1. The seller may initiate various sales and events in the online shop at one‘s discretion.

    10.2. The seller owns an ex- parte right to change the sale‘s conditions and withdraw them without any particular warning. Any changes of the sale‘s conditions or withdrawing of them is valid only in advance.
    10.3. The seller sends all the information using the means of communication that have been indicated by the customer.
    10.4. The customer sends all the inquiries and messages to the e- mail addresses and phone numbers provided in the online shop‘s Contacts section.
    10.5. The seller does not take responsibility for unreceived messages or phone calls in cases of network disorder.
    11. Final regulations.

    11.1. This online purchasing and trading Policy is composed under the laws of LR.
    11.2. All the disputes, arisen from following or not following this Policy, are solved under negotiation. If the negotiation is impossible, the disputes are solved following LR laws.